Continuing in Prayer

24-7 Pray Arkansas’ first 40 days has flown by.  We could have never known what an impact these days and weeks were going to have in our lives.  From the first few days of excitement and wide eyed wonder as we experienced the sweet presence of the Savior in personal times with him and his peace, to the nights of faith filled prayers for the sick and for those struggling with life controlling problems, each day has been marked by the powerful confirmation that Christ is calling us to spend more time with him.  Literally more than 2000 hours of personal prayer have been spent in 24-7 Pray Arkansas since Ash Wednesday back on February 14th, and it just keeps going.

The testimonies of God’s answers to our prayers are nothing short of mindblowing:

  • Healed knees and backs.
  • Husbands coming to relationship with Christ.
  • Healed from severe infection.
  • Restored marriages.
  • Jobs provided, financial miracles.
  • Deliverance from anxiety and depression.
  • Deliverance from lust and pornography addiction.

24-7 Pray Arkansas is going to remain open. As long as people in our community are utilizing the space for prayer, as the Lord allows we intend to keep it set aside for praying.  As we move forward, please use the sign up tool online to register for your prayer time.  (code for the door will be distributed by email).

Remember this space is set aside for connecting with Christ.  Let’s continue to pray and never give up.  Perhaps the Lord has more in store for us as we press forward into his presence and in the deep places in our hearts, yearn for more, strive to listen and pray for strength to obey.

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